Bakker Elkhuizen DXT Precision

mus - USB
Tillverkare Bakker Elkhuizen
  • Information
    • Ergonomic: relaxed, neutral wrist and hand position
    • Productive: 'precision' grip for very accurate navigation
    • Unique: button instantly switches between right-handed or left-handed use
    • Universal design: suitable for both larger and smaller hands
    • Convenience: easy to use, recognizable pen grip
    • Mobile: most compact ""ergonomic"" mouse
    By using a compact keyboard, one can place one's mouse closer to one's body, which puts less strain on one's neck and shoulders. Unnatural postures when using one's mouse form a risk factor for the occurrence of complaints in one's wrists and forearms.

    Ergonomic mouse devices reduce muscle tension in comparison with standard flat mouse devices and are much more comfortable.

    Which type of ergonomic mouse is the most suitable depends on the type of work, any complaints and personal preferences.

    DXT Precision Mouse is a smooth ergonomic mouse with subtle wrist movements.

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